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Re: cygwin and rsync

> My chief purpose for all of this is to allow automatic backups onto a
> Linux file server from various systems (initiating on the Linux box),
> including Windows PCs.

Interesting, so your implementing a pull vs. a push.  That is the Linux
box is logging into the Windows and pulling files back.  As a matter of
interest, I am pushing, that is I am logging in to a Linux server from a
Windows desktop and pushing files.  So we're both ultimately trying to
go in the same direction from different starting scenarios.

It would be a very interesting experiment if you would try pushing as I
and see two things.  First see if you can confirm the issue I'm seeing,
that is the shipping version or rsync hangs up front. If it does you'd
have to rebuild rsync and set it up to use pipe vs. socketpair.  Second
to see if the transfer hangs on the same file.

Brett C. Serkez, Techie

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