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Re: expect script hanging: ssh to localhost w/password authentication

The expect script listed earlier in this thread is failing
for me again, with the 1/7/2006 snapshot. It does not hang though - will
post details later.

I wonder if the snapshot fix related to: 
may account for this? I'm grateful for the fix above (*really*), but
could it have resurrected the expect script problem? - admittedly a WAG.

  Sorry, I'm "out of the loop"; have not been following the
  cygwin mailing list for about a week.. 

When I get time, I will post simple log of the failing expect script test case.

Tom Rodman

On Tue 12/20/05 22:01 +0100 wrote:
> On Dec 19 11:00, Tom Rodman wrote:
> > Enclosed is an expect script (to ssh to the localhost with password
> > authentication) that "hangs" (search ahead for "parent: waiting for sync byte")
> > with the Dec 16 snapshot. Please take a look at the working and
> > non-working test cases below.
> Looks like we found the cause for this effect.  Please try
> the next developers snapshot (2005-Dec-20 and later) from
> Thanks for the report,
> Corinna

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