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Re: cygwin Digest 6 Jan 2006 16:37:18 -0000 Issue 4727

> On 6 Jan 2006 16:37:18 -0000, cygwin-digest-help AT cygwin DOT com > cygwin and getline
> >         117072 by: Vijay Kiran Kamuju <infyquest AT gmail DOT com>
> >         117085 by: ericblake AT comcast DOT net (Eric Blake)

Please, please, PLEASE,
Or do it manually.  But don't repeat what you just did here.  Blindly
replying to a digest message, with LOADS of email addresses listed in
raw form, is unacceptable on this list.

Also, feel free to trim out portions of your reply to reduce the size of
your mail; you should only need to quote enough to set up a context
of your comments, rather than the entire thread.

> >
> > Vijay: you shouldn't expect something to be in cygwin just because all
> > the other unix derivatives you've used have it..
> > Cygwin aims for POSIX compliance, and it's an ongoing project to get there..
> > These things take time.. I'm sure that this applies:
> >
> >
> >
> Thanks all for ur HELP, so when i can i get to see cygwin 1.19 its

Well, seeing as how we have been in the 1.5.x series for several
years now, and the 1.3.x series for several years before that, the 1.19.x
series won't be until roughly 2062.  Oh, you meant 1.5.19?  It will be
out when it is ready (and more people testing the snapshots will
ensure that it is ready).  Free software has no definitive schedule;
things happen when volunteers have time to make them
happen.  And if my proposed patch to export getsubopt is
not applied (right now, it is still in the middle of the TC portion of, then 1.5.19 won't solve your
problems anyway, and you would have to wait for 1.5.20.

> than 6months :((
> I am sure that i will be flamed for this.
> Something happened to CGF, he was not like this b4 i mean 1 year back ;) :P

That has always been cgf's personality; search the archives for
more examples.  Often, his sarcastic side comes out when people
don't follow the directions at,
or when they make demands that something be done without
providing a patch to do it.  But I still appreciate his time in
being a volunteer maintainer, so I have learned to be grateful
for his contributions in spite of any perceived sarcasm.  If you
care to complain more about CGF's personality, the cygwin-talk list
is a more appropriate forum.

Eric Blake

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