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Re: cygwin and rsync

> > 3.  To answer your earlier question, I installed cygwin and added
> >     the rsync and openssh which were part of the distribution but
> >     were not installed by default.  I did not compile my own.
> Whis is like the usual package list I do use most commonly. I
> never managed to reproduce the problem, so I guess it doesn't
> depend on this.
> Does the problem arise only between that Windows host and that Linux
> host, or also in others combinations? Does any other over-ssh
> protocols work as expected? (it never seems to happen suing rsync://)
> Until we pin the problem down to something I can reproduce locally I
> fear I can't be much help. One consistent difference could be that I
> never tried Win-to-Linux transfers, as all I got is some FreeBSD
> boxes. I wonder if that can be the culprit, but sure it would be
> strange.
> Ever had a Win-to-Win hang? Anything else comes to your mind?

I believe there are atleast two separate hangs that are being
experienced.  Both occur using ssh vs. the rsync:// protocol, but I
suspect that has something to do with the local pipe/socket to
communicate between the local rsync and ssh processes.

The first is the type described in this thread (Linux -> Windows) the
transfer starts and hangs at some point.  The second (Windows -> Linux)
which I reported as resolved using a local pipe vs. socketpair, hangs
immediately, ssh never gets as far as attempting network access.

Since the second never attempts network access, I suspect that Windows
-> Windows would hang, I haven't seen any reports of Linux -> Linux.  If
Linux -> Linux didn't work, I suspect the issue would be wide spread and

Brett C. Serkez, Techie

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