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Re: sshd must be restarted

> > I wonder if it would be worth having ssh-host-config set tcpip as a
> > dependancy for sshd on all systems? While this doesn't seem to have
> > cropped up much, specifically, it couldn't hurt..
> This has been discussed before, see
> <>.  I guess it's the
> case of <> and
> <>.

The discussion message 89 above references ZoneAlarm (vsmon).  A
dependency in that case could hurt as if sshd were dependent upon vsmon,
should vsmon be stopped, sshd would also stop.  With ZoneAlarm, it is
likely this will happen from time to time, the user would have to
know/remember to restart sshd.

This problem isn't limited to tcpip or ZoneAlarm, it could be any

Rather than having ssh-host-config account for all possibilities,
perhaps it could simply issue a warning on the topic and refer the
installer back to this mailing list?

Brett C. Serkez, Techie

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