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Re: sshd must be restarted

Brian Dessent wrote:
Ken Senior wrote:

Does anyone know why after a Windows XP reboot one must restart the SSH
daemon in order to allow incoming ssh?  The process is automatically
running after a reboot but all incoming SSH from remote clients are
terminated with the following message being displayed on the remote

ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

Restarting the daemon, either in Windows services or on the bash command
line, fixes the problem allowing in ssh traffic once again. ??

You should check the Event Log on the host machine, since any errors
would be displayed there.

What it sounds like is that the service is starting before some other
required networking component has started.  As part of the XP bootup
time optimizations a lot of stuff is launched in parallel.  You might
try setting 'tcpip' as a startup dependency of the sshd service to see
if it fixes things.


That's a good point. A very good point.
Should have thought of that really.. Especially as it works fine after a restart - though the changing homedir is also an issue to do with the setup here.

So yes, try this first Ken. It should help/fix the issues wrt ssh not working initially..

I wonder if it would be worth having ssh-host-config set tcpip as a dependancy for sshd on all systems? While this doesn't seem to have cropped up much, specifically, it couldn't hurt..



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