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Re: sshd must be restarted

Top-posting reformatted.

Ken Senior wrote:

On Fri, Jan 6, 2006, Chris Taylor <chris@XXXXXX.XXXX.XXXX> said:

Ken Senior wrote:

Does anyone know why after a Windows XP reboot one must restart
the SSH daemon in order to allow incoming ssh?  The process is
automatically running after a reboot but all incoming SSH from
remote clients are terminated with the following message being
displayed on the remote client:

ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

Restarting the daemon, either in Windows services or on the bash
command line, fixes the problem allowing in ssh traffic once
again. ??


Ken Senior

Never had to do that here .. (otherwise known as WFM)

Please follow the instructions here, with emphasis on *attaching* cygcheck.out :

Problem reports:

Also, if you could include details on how you installed the service - especially if you didn't use the standard method.

Great. I have made said attachment. One interesting oddity about my installation is that I have two usernames which are identical, one
for our Windows domain and one for the administrator account on my
PC. I made sure to give both accounts admin privileges locally on
the machine, but that seems not always to work. I also noticed when
I installed cygwin (yesterday) that the installation correctly
recognized both accounts and indeed created two entries in
/etc/passwd. I was way impressed in my minimal IT experience.
However, I have noticed that various pieces of the installation were
confused about what was my home directory. Some packages (SSH) think
the home page should be /home/senior whereas the default bash shell
thinks it's located in /cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/senior.DOMAIN.

Now, regarding installation of the sshd service. I simply ran the '/usr/bin/ssh-host-config -y' command followed by 'cygrunsrv -S sshd'

This all sounds like a cruel permissions problem, yuck!


That would be the problem.
Specifically, ssh is taking the username, and taking the first match in /etc/passwd
If you need both users available, rename one, otherwise, use just the local users in /etc/passwd

Use mkpasswd -l for that.
Do the same with mkgroups, so as to ensure that everything matches up.

Also, please ensure your mailer respects the reply-to header - I set it for a reason. Don't cc me as I am subscribed to the list. Thanks.



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