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Re: 'su' no longer working?

"Eric Blake" <> wrote in message">
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According to Igor Peshansky on 1/5/2006 3:37 PM:

'su' used to be an executable that worked correctly from a SYSTEM-owned
shell, but now it's a shell script that simply prints a "not supported"
message.  Is it possible to resurrect the old "su" executable (that
perhaps prints the same message if run from a non-SYSTEM account)?

Coreutils certainly builds an su executable, but the cygwin distro of su has been a script since at least 5.2.1 when Corinna was the maintainer; I only enhanced the script to be a little more useful. I'll see what I can do about getting the executable built and running, but no promise on a timeline; is there any easy run-time test as to whether the current user is SYSTEM and should try to perform user switching, vs. normal users to print a warning message that su is relatively useless under cygwin/Windows semantics?

Well just check that the app has appropriate priveleges.
(Only the app actually needs them, the user running the app does not nessisaryally need them)

For passworded user switching:

For passwordless user switching:

This is all documented in:

You should not cripple to program to being usable only on the system account.
It is very much possible to give a user those privleges, and easy on XP pro via the group policy editor (according to microsoft. I've never tried it.)

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