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Re: cygwin and rsync


I run rsync both Windows and Linux to Linux, Linux always being the
'server'.  In my case I found the hang to be up front, before secure
shell even attempted to access the network and also in my case changing
from a local socket to a local pipe resolved the issue:

Have you tried adding more v switches to your command line, like:

rsync -avvz user@[REMOTE/Windows]:/path/to/stuff/ dest/on/local/
rsync -avvvz user@[REMOTE/Windows]:/path/to/stuff/ dest/on/local/
rsync -avvvvvz user@[REMOTE/Windows]:/path/to/stuff/ dest/on/local/

Each time you a a v switch, it increases the debug output, I think up to
4 or 5.  This would help to narrow the issue as you'll see how far your
getting in the protocol which might help narrow the problem.

Is it at all possible to go the other way?  I know if you are willing to
build your own rsync with the socketpair() called disabled it will work.


On Thu, 05 Jan 2006 18:46:04 -0500, "Ken Senior" <>
> Hi.
> I posted the message listed below to the rsync list, but one of the
> readers there suggested I post it here indicating that there's a
> known/common problem in cygwin of data loss in local pipes (whatever that
> means I am not sure).  I find my rsync command hanging, whether or not I
> run it over SSH, that is with our without the --rsh='ssh -l username'.  I
> searched and read the archived mail on the cygwin list archives and
> though there are six pages of "rsync hanging" issues, I didn't find much
> help.  Unfortunately, the logs are saying nothing and I couldn't get the
> strace business to work---no doubt because I've never used it.  Can
> anyone here suggest anything?  -Thanks
> ----
> I just installed the latest version of cygwin (1.5.18-1) from
> on my Windows XP machine.  I have had a lot of success
> with rsync between Linux boxes but after many months of mixed results I
> have had much less than perfect luck with rsync from a Linux box [LOCAL]
> to a windows box [REMOTE]---that is, constant hanging.
> I have tried to follow the rsync FAQ on using strace to figure out why
> things are hanging, but I'm not understanding what gets launched where
> and in what order.  I created the rsync-debug script (below) as
> suggested, but it's unclear how to use it.  Would you guys mind giving a
> step-by-step on how to get this strace info?
> For example, let's say on [LOCAL/Linux] I want to issue the command:
> rsync -avz user@[REMOTE/Windows]:/path/to/stuff/ dest/on/local/
> Do I first launch the rsync-debug on [REMOTE/Windows]?  Do I modify the
> above command in order to get things rolling?
> Cheers and thanks in advance.
> -Ken
> ----
> rsync-debug script:
> ulimit -c unlimited
> strace -f rsync --daemon --no-detach 2>/tmp/rsync-$$.out
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Brett C. Serkez, Techie

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