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Re: services not starting with 20060104 snapshot

On Wed, 4 Jan 2006, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 08:45:15PM -0500, Igor Peshansky wrote:
> >On Wed, 4 Jan 2006, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >
> >> On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 06:38:26PM -0500, Igor Peshansky wrote:
> >> >Frankly, I'm not sure what the right fix would be in this case, or even
> >> >how to debug this...  Any ideas on how I can simulate service startup on
> >> >the command line (to allow popping up gdb) would be greatly appreciated.
> >>
> >> Does the change I just checked into CVS cause any difference in
> >> behavior?  If not, could you also try changing the CreateWindowStation
> >> argument &sec_all_nih to NULL?
> >
> >Nope, sorry to say, neither helped.  In both cases I got the same error
> >1053 when starting the service.  The Windows error log messages are
> >identical as well.
> How about the latest CVS?  This will probably revert to the "ssh
> localhost date" failing scenario, I assume.

Sigh.  Exactly.  The service starts, though...

I wonder if the service startup problem has to do with the fact that
spawn_guts() calls GetProcessWindowStation() and isn't getting the one you
create in fhandler_console::need_invisible()...  Hmm, no, you call
SetProcessWindowStation() there too...  I can't think of a way for me to
check whether it succeeds, though.
	Igor (also grasping at straws)
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