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Re: services not starting with 20060104 snapshot

> > Try using a graphical debugger like ddd or insight.  Should be able
> > to start either as the service,
> Huh?  No, that doesn't work.  I need a service wrapper program (like
> cygrunsrv), but cygrunsrv can't spawn processes, apparently.

I see.  While I've not used this method with services per se, I've used
it with other background processes, didn't foresee the service_main.

You should be able attach to the running service process with gdb, from

You can, instead, specify a process ID as a  second  argument,  if  you
want to debug a running process:

       gdb(1,4) program 1234

The trick is where will the program be when you attach.  To resolve
this, code *like* the following can be inserted just prior to the
point you want to start debugging:

int a = 1;

   while ( a )  ;


When you gain control you will be in the while, assign a value of 0
to a and then start stepping thru the remaining code.

Brett C. Serkez, Techie

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