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Re: Ping

On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 05:00:12PM -0800, Ivan Godard wrote:
>Thank you! Both the binutils from the distribution (as downloaded using 
>your standard tool) and the binutils direct from the gnu web site fail 
>in exactly the same way. I need to compile from source because we are 
>modifying that source to cross-target a new processor. The UNmodified 
>sources compile fine on assorted Unices, but fail on Cygwin, as 
>previously reported.
>Could you (or someone) do a source pull of binutils and see if it builds 
>for you under Cygwin? Absolutely vanilla: "./configure; make". At this 
>point I suspect that the source files in the distro do not actually 
>match the binaries in the distro, which should be something you would 
>want to fix if true. I again attach my cygcheck.out.

Your theory that there must be something wrong with the cygwin binutils
distribution because you can't build binutils from either the cygwin
sources or the "" source doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

I wonder if this is just a problem of building in the source directory
when tools like binutils, gcc, and gdb are usually built in a separate
build directory.  I'd suggest creating a directory and then doing a


I did just build binutils that way with no problem.

If that doesn't fix things for you then, I don't know what the problem
is but it seems like there are some obvious things you could do to
track things down, like google for the information, or maybe even try
to actively debug it.

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