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Re: Ping

On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 04:43:25PM -0800, Ivan Godard wrote:
>I have posted twice to this list in the last few days about being unable 
>to build binutils from source. In both cases the list reported my own 
>posting back to me (no bounce message). However, there has been neither 
>response to comment about this problem report from any of the list 
>participants. As ringing the bell has gotten 20 odd responses, I'm 
>guessing that my report did not get through. Consequently I'm sending 
>this plaintive note: can anybody read this? Did anybody see a report 
>about compiling binutils from source? What do I do to get a report to 
>those who might usefully respond? I followed everything on the "how to 
>report" pages and the relevant FAQs, but no response. ???

It is easy to figure out if your email made it through - look in the
email archives.

If no one answered your question, it means that no one has any idea what
your problem is.  I'd suggest just using the binutils that comes with
the distribution rather than rolling your own.

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