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Re: error parsing setup.bz2 in setup.exe

Ugh, top-posting. Reformatted...

On Wed, 4 Jan 2006, Eric Vlach wrote:

----- Original Message -----
> On Wed, 4 Jan 2006, Eric Vlach wrote:
> > At 8:30am PST, setup worked fine. Then at 8:50am PST, the following
> > error occured, and has been occuring ever since:
> >
> > Cygwin's setup.exe (using a copy downloaded 1/4/2005, 9:20am) fails to
> > load the setup file. After selecting a mirror, it downloads the
> > setup.bz2 file, and upon reading it encounters an error. Message box
> > pops up with: "(null) line 10196: syntax error, unexpected $undefined,
> > expecting STRING."
> >
> > I tried this with a dozen different mirrors, as well as on two other
> > computers, with no success. Any ideas?
> Try the latest setup snapshot: <>.
> Also, did you use "IE5 settings" for your connection?  If so, try
> clearing the IE cache -- you may be using a stale version of
> setup.bz2.
> If this doesn't help, please post the content of
> /var/log/setup.log.full.


Earlier I was using setup.exe version 2.510.2.2. I updated and tried
both version 2.521 and 2.523, with no success. I use "Direct
Connection," not IE5 settings. Are you able to repeat my error on your

Here is a detailed explanation of what I was doing:
I bought a new computer and need to install cygwin from scratch. The
first time I ran the setup.exe, everything worked fine, and I spent
about 10 minutes going through all the modules, copying my old
configuration. When I finally had all that I wanted, I hit "next." an
error came up telling me the connection was lost. From then on, every
attempt to load setup.bz2 gave me the "...unexpected $undefined..."
error. The weird thing is that on my old computer and my co-workers
computer, both having a working version of cygwin, the same problem

Attatched is setup.log.full (not very helpful, but maybe you can find a

I think this message, posted (by mistake) into a different thread, may explain this: <>. HTH, Igor -- |\ _,,,---,,_ | ZZZzz /,`.-'`' -. ;-;;,_ Igor Peshansky, Ph.D. (name changed!) |,4- ) )-,_. ,\ ( `'-' old name: Igor Pechtchanski '---''(_/--' `-'\_) fL a.k.a JaguaR-R-R-r-r-r-.-.-. Meow!

"Las! je suis sot... -Mais non, tu ne l'es pas, puisque tu t'en rends compte."
"But no -- you are no fool; you call yourself a fool, there's proof enough in
that!" -- Rostand, "Cyrano de Bergerac"

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