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RE: error parsing setup.bz2 in setup.exe

Eric Vlach wrote:
> At 8:30am PST, setup worked fine. Then at 8:50am PST, the following error
> occured, and has been occuring ever since:

  Ah, that'll be it.  Setup is a notoriously late riser, and if you try and
get it out of bed that early in the morning you shouldn't be surprised if it's
grouchy and cranky all the rest of the day.

> Cygwin's setup.exe (using a copy downloaded 1/4/2005, 9:20am) fails to
> load the setup file. After selecting a mirror, it downloads the setup.bz2
> file, and upon reading it encounters an error. Message box pops up with:
> "(null) line 10196: syntax error, unexpected $undefined, expecting
> I tried this with a dozen different mirrors, as well as on two other
> computers, with no success. Any ideas?

  Take a look at the setup.ini it downloaded, and see what's around line
10196.  The one I just downloaded from a mirror doesn't even have that many
lines, so maybe a glitch made a buggy version of it available for a little

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