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Re: Windows Task Scheduler

On Wed, 4 Jan 2006, Lst Recv wrote:

> I tried using the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule a bash -c
> "hibernate now" command, yet it didn't seem to run.  Is there a reason
> that bash/hibernate wouldn't like Task Scheduler?  If so, what is the
> best way to handle this?  (Just install and use crond?)

Using cron is certainly an option.  Don't forget that using the Task
Scheduler will run your job as "SYSTEM" (a.k.a. "LocalSystem"), not the
user that scheduled the job.

However, there could be many possible reasons why your case didn't work,
many of them having to do with the properties of your Cygwin installation.
We can't know the details unless you read and follow the directions on the
Cygwin problem reporting page at <>,
especially the request to attach the output of "cygcheck -svr" (as an
uncompressed text attachment).

FWIW, hibernate is a symlink to /bin/shutdown (which you can invoke
directly with as "shutdown -h" to hibernate, eliminating the need to use
"bash -c").
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