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Re: chere problem with directories with single quote marks

Eric Blake <ebb9 <at>> writes:
> Sorry, but I don't know ANY portable construct that works in all 4 cygwin
> shells (ash, bash, zsh, and pdksh).
> Plus there is still the matter of translating a valid command line into a
> registry entry that Windows can parse; I don't know if you can embed
> newlines, and without embedded newlines, a here-doc will not work.
> All I can do is wish you good luck.

I put a bit more thought into it, and verified that the following works from 
the command line in all four shells (in other words, since here-docs inside 
command substitutions are buggy, put the here-doc in a function and just call 
the function in the command substitution):

$ cd /tmp; mkdir -p 'a'\''b`c)d  e$f'
$ foo(){ cat<<\EOF
> a'b`c)d  e$f
> };cd "$(foo)"
$ pwd
/tmp/a'b`c)d  e$f

One other worry - a here-doc will fail if the delimiter happens to match the 
filename.  When Windows expands %L, is it to an absolute pathname?  Otherwise, 
I am afraid that if you use EOF, chere would fail to work in a directory named 
EOF.  But even that can be worked around - since " is not valid in Windows 
filenames, you could use this as an unambiguous here-doc inside your function:


Eric Blake

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