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RE: "type ahead" bug report - so far not addressed

Robert Body wrote:
> here is the bug report again, i tried emailing Corinna, but that didn't
> work 

>> Like i said I wrote about this a week ago, but nobody replied that yes we
>> will investigate or yes we will fix it.

  Here's a response to your earlier post.

Robert Body wrote:

> It could be the 3 levels deep script mechanism that's losing the input,
> but i believe that a regular Unix/Linux would keep the info present and
> execute the new command upon first one's completion.

  "I believe that..." isn't good enough.  *Do* the experiment, then report the
results.  And make a simplified testcase.  You're running three levels of
scripts, any one of which could be running any number of commands/utilities,
any one of which could be deliberately or inadvertently flushing or even just
reading in all of the keyboard input; it's a massive inference to just assume
that the cygwin dll is causing this, rather than one of the dozens of other
factors involved, and you haven't yet shown the evidence as to what's actually
*happening* here.  What you offer isn't enough; how could anyone else attempt
to investigate it from the description you give here?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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