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potential fix for cygwin's "no system bell" problem

I've just built a cygwin snapshot which should work around a problem
with Cygwin's default bell not working.  This was discussed here a while

(and it may have even been mentioned more recently for all that I

And Lev Bishop posted a fix even earlier:

This problem is apparently more prevalent than I had thought so my
decision not to do anything about it in 2004 was wrong.

I stumbled into this conclusion because someone was trying to figure out
what was going wrong on the cygwin irc channel on today
and, on testing, it was discovered that neither Corinna nor I had a
working bell anymore, either.  So, rather than make this a FAQ, as
suggested by Igor in the 2004 thread, I thought it would be best to just
fix the problem in cygwin itself.

The snapshot uses Lev's method to reinstate the default bell.  If there
are other causes for this problem then they won't be fixed by this
method but this seems to rectify things for me.


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