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Re: sshd_conf and local groups

On 31 Dec 2005 at 18:05, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

> Wes S wrote:
> > I'm trying to lock down ssh access.  I use exim for a mail server so 
> > I have a bunch of accounts on my w2k box.  I don't want most to be 
> > able to use ssh.

> I'm confused by your apparent confusion of the above.  If you read the
> man page for sshd_config as you suggested you did, you should understand
> that any account that doesn't belong to the ssh_allow group will be
> denied access.  Presumably, you didn't add "administrator" to this
> group.  Also make sure you have an "administrator" account ("Administrator"
> is the default account and isn't the same).

I did add administrator.  Actually Administrator as you point out.  
W/o the AllowGroups I can ssh using either administrator or 
Administrator.  Ssh doesn't care.  I did try logging in as 
Administrator though.

Just for grins, I added wess to the group ssh_allow and tried logging 
in before / after uncommenting AllowGroups.  Can not log in when 
AllowGroups is uncommented.

Wes S

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