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Re: sshd_conf and local groups

Wes S wrote:
I'm trying to lock down ssh access. I use exim for a mail server so I have a bunch of accounts on my w2k box. I don't want most to be able to use ssh.

So reading the man file for sshd_config I added to the following entry to sshd_config:

#wrs 20051231 restrict email only nt accounts from ssh
AllowGroups ssh_allow

I added a local group using administration / computer management

I imported into my /etc/group file:

Windows shows it as:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>net localgroup

Aliases for \\BAREFOOT

*Administrators           *Backup Operators         *Guests
*Power Users              *Replicator               *ssh_allow
*Test                     *Users
The command completed successfully.

Attempting to ssh into my pc: Administrator@barefoot ~ $ ssh -l administrator administrator@'s password: Permission denied, please try again. administrator@'s password:

Commenting out AllowGroups ssh_allow and restarting sshd lets me log in just fine.

A clue would be welcome. The install was updated after I ran into these problems at 14:30 Eastern today.

I'm confused by your apparent confusion of the above. If you read the man page for sshd_config as you suggested you did, you should understand that any account that doesn't belong to the ssh_allow group will be denied access. Presumably, you didn't add "administrator" to this group. Also make sure you have an "administrator" account ("Administrator" is the default account and isn't the same).

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