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Re: gcc crash (memory?)


>> I use gcc 3.4.4.  I have also this famous registry key defined:
>> In "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin" define a DWORD named
>> heap_chunk_in_mb and set the value to 1024 (decimal) or 400 (hex) or
>> even more.
>> This may require a reboot to take affect.

> It turns out (a part of) the problem was that malloc and new allocate twice
> the amount of memory requested (see the thread "malloc/new allocate twice as
> much?"). Installing the latest snapshot solves this problem, and I am now
> able to compile polymake with g++ taking at most ~600MB. (It took 1.5GB on
> Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, but I guess that's because that machine is
> 64-bit.)

Interesting, so the next Cygwin release will always use only the half
amount of memory than before, sounds nice ;)  Glad to hear about this.

> By the way, g++, as well as a program I wrote and compiled with g++, are
> able to allocate 1GB, so I don't think the memory limitation / registry
> switch issue exists in the latest snapshot.

Well, at least it worked for me using the registry hack with the
released Cygwin version 1.5.18.


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