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Re: Inconsistent results from "du -sk ."

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According to Fred Ma on 12/30/2005 1:20 PM:
> When I repeatedly issue "du -sk ." within seconds of each other, the
> results are different, and there is no process running that could be
> changing the contents of the directory.  Here is an illustrative
> session:

du can only report what the OS tells it.  If it shows increasing numbers,
then it was very likely that some process was consuming disk space in that
directory (in spite of your claims to the contrary).

> I am using an installation that is not quite up-to-date, but haven't

"Not quite" is an understatement - cygwin is at 1.5.18; your version is
missing a year and a half of bug fixes.

> Since upgrading is nontrivial for me at present, I was trying to find
> a history of release notes to see if this problem has been solved in
> the cygwin versions since my current one.  A search of the archives
> revealed a confusion with blocking factors in the late 90's, but not
> the same problem.  Thanks for any other information about this.  In
> particular, if there is an on-line history of release notes that
> captures this, that would be even better.  Even if it does not
> capture this, such a set of notes would be very useful.

Browse the archives of the cygwin-announce list to see relevant changes
announced for each software upgrade (for this email, that would include
searching for mail with cygwin or coreutils in the subject):

For particular programs, you can often find an online repository of
changes.  For example, cygwin changes are tracked here:

And many programs maintain a condensed version of user-visible changes.
For example, coreutils changes that have happened since sh-utils,
fileutils, and textutils here:

Google can be your friend, after all.

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