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RE: Hope this topic isn't taboo yet

Mr. Faylor:

Ordinarily I would not make the following reply on-list, but you seem
insistent that I must, so here goes.

I read problem.html and then the archives, every reference I could find
to hyperthreading. I saw your mild then increasingly crabby responses to
people who seemed (at least) to be saying, Why haven't you fixed this
yet?  I sympathize with your position on the matter, as far as that

That's why I am not posting a specific problem report in this case
because I am not, in fact, 100% sure I have the problem.  And I am
certainly not asking you to fix it or any other problem that I might or
might not have.  

None of the descriptions of the failures that have been attributed to
hyperthreading seem to match what we are experiencing.  I had hoped to
start a somewhat more general discussion of the problem and learn from
others familiar with both cygwin AND hyperthreading what their thoughts
were.  Clearly, your hyperthreading hymen remains intact.  The
constructiveness of your reply, therefore, is just about what one would

So. Should anyone have a CONSTRUCTIVE response to my query, THAT would
be lovely.


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Sent: Friday, December 30, 2005 13:51
Subject: Re: Hope this topic isn't taboo yet

On Fri, Dec 30, 2005 at 01:29:55PM -0500, Frier, David wrote:
>We have cygwin for running Ab Initio on a Windows 2K Adv server, and
>yes, we're in the dreaded h_y_p_e_r-t_h_r_e_a_d_e_d zone.  From
>the list archives and the kinds of problems people report, I'd say
>been lucky... except... from time to time our CPU utilization on that
>machine just spikes to red levels for no [other] apparent reason.
>My inclination is to turn HT off; the machine is also running SQL
>which claims to like it but I very much doubt we're getting any huge
>benefit from it.
>Interested in the thoughts of the real cygwin cognoscenti, of which I
>most certainly NOT one.

You don't have to be a "cygwin cognoscenti" to read the cygwin web site.
I'd suggest starting with .

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