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Re: gpc-3.4.4 to go with gcc-3.4.4??

Brian wrote:

> Seems I recall the maintainer for gcc-3.3.3 and gpc-3.3.3 had not gotten a
> chance to look at gpc-3.3.3 to bring it current when they released gcc-3.4.4.
> It appear that gpc is still behind. 

> I noticed though that on the gpc site someone had reported having problems with
> gcc-3.4.4 and gpc-3.3.3 and Prof A Olowofoyeku reported as an aid to helping
> the OP:

>> I have built gpc-20051116 for Cygwin (based on gcc-3.4.4), and it can
>> be found here:

> He also reported a few additonal problems in the testsuite which could be
> resolved:

>> It is indeed a simple thing. Install PDCurses - you can get sources and
>> precompiled binaries here: 
>> Add the pdcurses "include" and "lib" directories to the compiler's 
>> search path ("-I" and "-L" respectively), and all will be well. 

> Thought this might be of interest to the maintainer for gpc.

Ah yes, thanks for the reminder, indeed Prof A Olowofoyeku is the
maintainer of the native Windows version of gpc where I build the Cygwin
version myself, if he provides a build for Windows I will include it in
the 3.4.4 release so -mno-cygwin will work for Pascal too.

Unfortunately as you can see here:
there is still no Windows version available.


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