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Re: scp/ssh: non-interactive commands using "PasswordAuthentication" fail

On Fri, 30 Dec 2005, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 11:09:21PM -0500, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> >Tom Rodman wrote:
> >><2 informal tests on my home PC, /etc/ssh_config is "OTTB">
> >>
> >>no problem, using PubkeyAuthentication:
> >>[snip]
> >>problems w/same tests using PasswordAuthentication:
> >>[snip]
> >>comments?  can anyone else duplicate this?
> >
> >Confirmed.  cygwin1-20051216.dll is the last snapshot that worked
> >properly for this.  Sorry, that's all the input I have for the moment.
> Well, certainly if enough people say that 20051216 is the last snapshot
> that worked properly eventually Corinna and I will believe them.  I
> don't think we've reached critical mass yet, though.  After all you know
> how suspicious we are. We don't really trust a bug report until it's
> been reported by at least 42 people.
> We know, without testing, that this worked properly on B20 but what we
> don't know is if it worked in 1.5.17, 1.5.16, etc.  So, some
> enterprising sould should probably step back in time before 1.5.18 and
> provide a graph of operability for every past release.  Once we have
> that data, why then, it will probably only take a few reinstalls of
> cygwin and, worse case scenario, a few movements of my computers in and
> out of my office before this problem is fixed.
> But, all kidding inside, I guess I really can't complain because I'm
> selfishly holding back permission from Igor to debug this.  We all know
> that no one can debug anything unless they get permission from me first
> and there's no way that I would ever want people to debug cygwin or
> provide patches to fix problems or anything like that.

Just for the record, I didn't ask for permission to debug this -- I asked
whether posting the (IMO) relevant parts of the strace output would be
helpful to others in debugging this.  I also asked for advice in debugging
the code...  I won't have much time to work on this until later next week,
so some analysis of the failing strace output is as much as I can provide
at the moment.
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