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Re: 2.510.2.2: bash won't open after install

>Nick Low wrote:
>> This morning, I tried to reinstall everything and see if that would
>> make a difference.  It did not seem to matter though.  I have attached
>> both the setup.log and setup.log.full files to this message.
>Try not to send such big files, and if you have to, why not compress them?

My bad.  I was just trying to be thorough and make sure that all of
the information that had been asked for in previous posts was included
in my question.  In my rush to get all of the information there, I

>> It appears that none of the postinstall scripts (which are all called
>> using bash) are running on this server.
>> The which looks like it is supposed to copy the bash.exe to
>> sh.exe does not appear to be doing anything, nor does an error get
>> generated anywhere either.  I still do not have a sh.exe file in the
>> /bin directory.
>> According to the installer application, I am trying to install bash
>> version 3.0-14.
>> ----------------------------
>> OK - now here is some weirdness to add to the mix, which hopefully
>> will give someone the information they need to answer my question.
>> I ran 'strace bash > bashtrace.out' to collect data off of that in
>> case it was asked for, and the bash prompt came up!  I was then able
>> to run all of the post installation scripts manually.  All of the
>> files in the /etc directory were created properly.  Then, I opened my
>> bash shell window using the shortcut on the desktop successfully too.
>> Thinking that everything was now fine, I close both the cmd window
>> running strace and the bash window, and the old habit was once again
>> displayed.  The bash window flashed on the screen and went away.
>> So, I opened up a new cmd window, reran 'strace bash > bashtrace.out',
>> got a new bash prompt in that window and was then able to once again
>> launch bash from its shortcut on the desktop.
>> Any help would be appreciated greatly.
>There is a big difference between running "strace bash > bashstrace.out" and
>using the cygwin.bat file: one is running bash with no parameters the other is
>running "bash --login -i".
>This means that you probably have user configuration problems, it could be a
>Windows Server 2003 problem, or your $HOME is in some weird place, or
>Why don't you edit the cygwin.bat file, put a "pause" at the end, and see what
>the error message says?
>René Berber

Alright, I put in the pause at the end of the batch file like you
suggested, and now the window opens and displays the following
message:  "Press any key to continue..."  Of course, pressing any key
closes the window.

There is no other information displayed in the window.

I tried out the following command from a cmd window:

strace bash --login -i > nick.out

This command yielded a command prompt.  When I doubled clicked on the
shortcut located on my desktop, I was able to use Cygwin normally in
that window.  I typed set at the prompt and can see that the HOME
value is set to /home/Administrator.  I am able to cd to that
directory from the Cygwin window without any problems.

I can close out the window in which I was running the strace, and the
Cygwin window that I started up while it was running works fine.  If I
open up another Cygwin window while the second window is open (and now
the first window with the strace running in it is closed), that works
fine as well.  If I close all of the Cygwin windows though, and then
try to open up a new window, I am back to square one - "Press any key
to continue..."

Any other ideas out there?



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