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Re: 2.510.2.2: bash won't open after install

Nick Low wrote:

> This morning, I tried to reinstall everything and see if that would
> make a difference.  It did not seem to matter though.  I have attached
> both the setup.log and setup.log.full files to this message.

Try not to send such big files, and if you have to, why not compress them?

> It appears that none of the postinstall scripts (which are all called
> using bash) are running on this server.
> The which looks like it is supposed to copy the bash.exe to
> sh.exe does not appear to be doing anything, nor does an error get
> generated anywhere either.  I still do not have a sh.exe file in the
> /bin directory.
> According to the installer application, I am trying to install bash
> version 3.0-14.
> ----------------------------
> OK - now here is some weirdness to add to the mix, which hopefully
> will give someone the information they need to answer my question.
> I ran 'strace bash > bashtrace.out' to collect data off of that in
> case it was asked for, and the bash prompt came up!  I was then able
> to run all of the post installation scripts manually.  All of the
> files in the /etc directory were created properly.  Then, I opened my
> bash shell window using the shortcut on the desktop successfully too.
> Thinking that everything was now fine, I close both the cmd window
> running strace and the bash window, and the old habit was once again
> displayed.  The bash window flashed on the screen and went away.
> So, I opened up a new cmd window, reran 'strace bash > bashtrace.out',
> got a new bash prompt in that window and was then able to once again
> launch bash from its shortcut on the desktop.
> Any help would be appreciated greatly.

There is a big difference between running "strace bash > bashstrace.out" and
using the cygwin.bat file: one is running bash with no parameters the other is
running "bash --login -i".

This means that you probably have user configuration problems, it could be a
Windows Server 2003 problem, or your $HOME is in some weird place, or whatever.

Why don't you edit the cygwin.bat file, put a "pause" at the end, and see what
the error message says?
René Berber

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