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Re: ssh localhost date #strace tests enclosed

Thanks Igor for your help, pls see strace results below:

On Sat 12/24/05 23:45 EST wrote:
> On Sat, 24 Dec 2005, Tom Rodman wrote:
> > Problem:  'ssh localhost date' asks for password, I type it, I'm
> >           authenticated, but no output is seen from the date command
> >           (original post has details)
> >
> > Corrina, and cgf wrote WJFFM:
> >
> >
> > So what is special about my setup? What additional information should
> > I supply? Are there any debugging approaches you can suggest? Could I
> > somehow run strace, if so please give me the exact command line(s).
> As an adaptation of your own command:
> Try:
>   cygrunsrv -I sshd_test -p /usr/bin/strace.exe -a '-o /var/tmp/sshd_strace /usr/sbin/sshd.exe -ddd' -e CYGWIN="$CYGWIN"

I setup the sshd_test service as you indicated above Igor.
Here are the test results, my hope is that some kind soul :->
will analyze them:

Attachment: workingcase.txt
Description: 20051216 23:59:19 snapshot

Attachment: failingcase.txt
Description: 20051224 14:32:37 snapshot

> > Maybe I'll get lucky, and someone other than me, w/developer skills
> > will duplicate the problem, just try:
> >
> >   ssh localhost date  #pls use a snapshot after Dec 16
> Don't know what's special about your setup, 

If you can duplicate the problem, then my guess is there is nothing
special about my setup, but it's still a mystery why Corinna,
and cgf were not seeing the problem.

> but I was able to reproduce
> this on my laptop with a 12/22 self-built DLL -- I'll see what I can do to
> debug this (no promises, though)...

Thanks again for any effort you put in.

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