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Re: Unable to access forced mounts from /bin/sh

> > I've uploaded a test version of bash, 3.0-12, that changes the behavior of
> > cd to use realpath() for -P, and to only check existance of the entire
> > path (rather than all intermediates) for -L, so that you should be able to
> > cd /a/b even in POSIX mode when /a doesn't exist but /a/b is a drive
> > mount.
> > 
> > Because realpath() is buggy until 20050826 snapshot or later, and because
> > the postinstall script changed (and 01bash.bat is the first .bat in
> > /etc/postinstall), I marked 3.0-12 as test, and am not sending a release
> > announcement until cygwin 1.5.19 is finalized.
> I'm not sure what happened, but I installed from mirrors yesterday and today,
> and received 1.5.18, and 3.0-13.  I posted to the list seperately about that
> problem. However this does not appear to be marked test at this point, as it is
> the bash available on the mirrors I've checked.

Oh well, I guess I forgot to revert the portion of 3.0-12 that used realpath
when creating 3.0-13.  If cygwin 1.5.19 doesn't come out soon, I'll have
a bash-3.0-14 uploaded this week.  Meanwhile, as a workaround, you
could try using 'cd -L; PWD=/bin/pwd' instead of the broken 'cd -P'.

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin bash maintainer

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