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1.5.18: Bash 3.00.16(13) segfault when trying to cd.

Fresh intsall of Cygwin onto a new Windows XP sp2 machine.  Machine
was installed in US/English, but has regional settings for Japanese

When I use 'set -P ; cd' or 'cd -P' I can reliably get bash to receive
a segmentation fault. If -P is NOT used, than I appear to have normal

This behaviour survived a complete removal of cygwin and re-install.

I have attached a session of bash inside GDB where I replicated this,
and got a backtrace. All I did post install was mount my root
directory, and then replicate.

Also attached cygcheck.out, which is output from 'cygcheck -s -v -r'

On a separate install, also 1.5.18, bash 3.00.16(11) I do NOT see this

I am not on the mailing list, so copies directly to this address
requesting more information are preferred. I am not in a position to
reinstall the Operating system on this machine, but I am willing to
assist in debugging this in almost any other way.

Thank you,


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