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Re: perl Bundle::Cygwin / perl-bundle-cygwin package

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Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:
> To further explain, suppose we had a package of all the DateTime::
> modules (which are broken up into many distributions, but I hope you
> would agree would belong together).  They have a number of small
> general purpose dependencies; putting those in the same package
> doesn't make sense to me, nor does packaging each individually.


If they have their own CPAN Bundles, then I suppose it would makes sense
to use those in some cases (NOT, for example, Bundle::Gnome2, for the
reasons I stated before).  But if they are just simple, non-essential
CPAN modules and aren't (potential) prereq's for something else, then I
don't see a reason to package them at all.

I think that we need to consider the precedents set by other distros.
For example, Gentoo policy[1] is not to make ebuilds for simple CPAN
modules that are non-essential and not required for another package.


There are some CPAN modules (libwww-perl comes to mind) which IIRC I
have seen as part of Fedora, Debian, and Gentoo, so that should be a

> I would lump them all together, along with the few modules we don't
> have packaged yet but that come bundled with ActivePerl (for
> competitive purposes :) and maybe some of the modules that will be
> bundled with perl in 5.10.

Could you provide a list of what you have in mind?  That would give me a
better idea of what we're talking about.

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