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Re: Cron and find

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According to Christophe Sauthier on 12/23/2005 6:51 AM:
> Hi,
> I am facing a weird stuff : I am executing a shell script that
> contains a call to the find command.
> When I am running it from the shell command list, everything run
> smoothly... But when I am calling it from my crontab, find didn't
> seems to return anything... In fact it didn't to work at all...

It would help if you actually provided the command line in question,
rather than just describing it.  We aren't mind readers, after all.

> I've been googling a bit, and I've found nothing really usefull...
> Does anybody encount that problem and has a solution ? By the way,
> just a little precision : the user that execute the cron job and the
> shell are the same, and my system is win 2003.

Actually, the users probably aren't the same.

My guess is that you are trying to use find to traverse a network share,
hence it isn't finding anything since the share is inaccessible to the
SYSTEM user.

> Otherwise if someone has a proper solution to get all the directory
> contained inside an other one, and just the first level of same, I am
> interested... By a proper solution I mean, avoiding just a simple ls
> and then full of cut/grep/pipes...

If find can't see the directory in question, then ls can't either.

Also, following these directions will help us help you:

> Problem reports:

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