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Re: tar with switches leads to stack dump

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Dec 21 08:28, fergus wrote:

I'm trying to append several new files to an existing zipped .tar.gz and
maintain the zipped format. I find that tar -vrzf exist.tar.gz *.new
leads to an Aborted (core dumped)
message. More than likely my syntax is faulty, but maybe not. (Creating a
.tar.gz from scratch using "tar -vczf .." works fine. Appending new files to
an existing .tar using "tar -vrf exist.tar *.new" works fine.) This happens
with 1.5.18 and 1.5.19s 20051220. Please can anybody put me right or confirm
the core dump? Thank you.

Confirmed.  Looks like tar is calling abort() at one point, without
printing any error message beforehand.


Just an FYI, this fails under linux as well, though doesn't core dump.
At a guess, it's probably because tar isn't intelligent enough to gunzip the tarfile before attempting to append (or is specifically set not to - which makes sense)..
If you gunzip the file, use tar rvf archive.tar new.files, then gzip it, it works fine..
So while the coredump is interesting, this isn't really a variance in standard behaviour for tar AFAICS.
Of course, a more informative message than "Aborted" would be nice, but hey, we can't have everything ;)

Chris --

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