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Re: 1.5.18: .bash_profile not being invoked

Farhad Tahmasebi wrote:

OK. How do you determine that ~/.bash_profile isn't being run? Is it run when you type 'bash -l' on the command line? If so, you need to check how you're starting bash to begin with. If not, you need to determine what bash thinks is your home and whether you have proper permissions.

I'm setting PATH, CDPATH, $PWD, and a few aliases. When I source (or .) ~/.bash_profile, I get everything. Runnig "bash -l" also works (see below)
$ bash -l

Well your '/etc/passwd' doesn't agree with the directory you set your HOME environment variable to. If running "bash -l" works, that means that either you aren't running "cygwin.bat" or it's equivalent to start the bash shell that you're having problems with or that you're setting HOME in a bash script that you're sourcing along the way. Either set HOME in your Windows environment, change '/etc/passwd' to point to your preferred home directory (via editing or 'mkpasswd'), or use "cygwin.bat" or comparable way to start your initial bash shell.

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