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Found case with "Download incomplete / try again"

After playing with CygwinPorts I found that some component installation causes "Download incomplete/. One of broken components is "evolution-data-server":

@ evolution-data-server
sdesc: "Backend for the Evolution groupware suite"
ldesc: "Backend for the Evolution groupware suite"
category: Gnome
requires: cygwin GConf2 gnome-vfs2 libbonobo20 libdb4.1 libgnome2 libiconv2 libintl3 libsoup22
version: 1.0.3-1
source: release/GNOME/evolution-data-server/evolution-data-server-1.0.3-1-src.tar.bz2 4916222 bde269f09e036ec488dd62295c952226

There only strange think I see is that "evolution-data-server" references libbonobo20, which is obsolete:

@ libbonobo20
sdesc: "Obsolete package"
ldesc: "This is the non-GUI part of the GNOME component and compound
document system."
category: _obsolete
version: 2.10.1-1
install: release/GNOME/libbonobo2/libbonobo20/libbonobo20-2.10.1-1.tar.bz2 14 4059d198768f9f8dc9372dc1c54bc3c3
source: release/GNOME/libbonobo2/libbonobo2-2.10.1-1-src.tar.bz2 1377041 462befc9187b48295f63056cf7510cb9

I tried to install other binary installations that depend on that package and they installed fine. Also I locally modified evolution-data-server component to depend on libbonobo2 and evolution-data-server installed fine.

- Alexey.

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