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Re: Listening sockets not always closing?

Craig Davison wrote:
I'm running cygwin 1.5.18 on a number of versions of Windows, and I may
have found a problem closing sockets. I'm seeing this problem on Windows
2000 (no SP) and Windows 2000 SP1, but not on Windows 2000 SP2, SP3 or
SP4, and Windows XP and XP SP2 are also unaffected.

No offense, but doesn't this tell you what the solution is? Patch the out-dated machines.
They're open to countless security flaws by now.
All 2k boxen should be running SP4 by now - it's only been out a couple of years...

Beyond that, I can't say anything, but really, look into updating the boxen to sp4.

Chris --

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