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Re: vim binary package

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Mariusz Wodzicki wrote:
> Incidentally, I also tested the version with the GUI
> [just one configure flag: ./configure --with-features=huge]
> Of course, that increases the size of the vim
> installation dramatically but that may be
> interesting for those of us who prefer not to
> install a separate Win32 version of vim.

Cygwin Ports contains a gvim package, which includes just the gtk2-x11
GUI vim as 'gvim' (and various 'g' symlinks), and depends on vim for the
runtime files, etc.

> The more serious problem is that when the X server
> is not running then the version of vim linked
> with X libraries takes on average around
> 10 seconds to start in either a pcterm or
> an rxvt window.

- From the standard bash prompt with DISPLAY set but X not open, I get
after a few seconds:

$ gvim
E233: cannot open display
Hit ENTER or type command to continue

When I press Enter, I get vim on console.  If I unset DISPLAY, I get the
above message immediately.

> I am just curious if anybody can suggest
> a cure for that behavior. Then compiling
> vim with GUI might indeed become
> a viable option.

Providing separates package for the console and GUI vims is done both by
Gentoo[1] and Debian[2], and should circumvent this problem, as well as
not pulling in X11 and GTK dependencies for those looking just for the
console version.


I'm not much of a vim user myself, but with the menus, gvim is a lot
easier to learn.

Of course, in order to get a GTK vim into the distro, Corinna will need
to be consulted, as the Cygwin vim maintainer.

Cygwin Ports
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