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Re: Setting cygwin permissions from Windows programs

in Cygwin with permissions of -rwxr--r--, or -rwxr-xr-x for executables and directories.

I'm trying to avoid having to use Cygwin utilities to assert Cygwin permissions,

Which would be easier, by the way.

but I am unable to determine the Windows permissions I must assert when creating the files in order for Cygwin to see those permissions. Currently a newly created file appears as:

-rwx------ 1 sholden None 13834 Dec 20 14:26 index.html

xcacls index.html /G sholden:F None:EW Everyone:E /Y

will give -rwxrw-r--

xacls index.html /G sholden:F None:R Everyone:E /Y

will give -rwxr-xr--

R (Read) translate to read and execute. E will give read

And check if you use a none english windows because windows translates None and Everyone. (My german windows calls this Kein and Jeder)

This is under Win XP. Are the Cygwin and Windows permissions different universes that don't interact?

As i said before, cygwin only uses windows permissions they can't work around ntfs access rights. You probably get confused by the mapping that has to be done. Take getfacls in cygwin to look at file permission if more acls have been set.

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