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Re: newbie question chdir


Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Mon, Dec 19, 2005 at 02:48:53PM +1030, Luke Vanderfluit wrote:

I'm wondering:
I've installed cygwin in c:\foo\bar\.
Now when I open a shell, I can't cd back to C:\

Is there a way to or do I have to install everything in the root

Cygwin emulates linux so you shouldn't be using MS-DOS path names. If
you want to cd to the root drive of c: use "cd /cygdrive/c".

I am getting the feeling that you need a concentrated session of
documentation reading. Please go back to the cygwin web site and click
on the "Documentation" link on the left hand side of the window. Basic
questions like this should be amply covered there.

I appreciate why you feel that way. Let me explain a little.
I'm in a situation where I'm more or less forced to use Windows. Company policy.
I've been using linux for 10 years and am quite au fait with it.
After considering many options, I decided to give cygwin a go. That way I can use my 'loved' programs and still comply with the company standard.

I have done some looking into the documentation and my knowledge will grow.
So thanks for your help and that of David Billinghurst.

I will study the documentation but meanwhile might need some quick help here and there.

Kind regards.

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