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Re: STDOUT of non cygwin command lost (in automated ssh session)

This is getting a bit OT-  I still plan post an example 
that does not use plink, may hunch is that the problem will still
show up.. we'll see.

On Sun 12/18/05 8:33 PST Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> wrote:
> >> You seem to be expecting that the people whom you'd like to debug 
> >> your problem would know what "plink" is.
> >
> > Sorry, it's closely related to putty. I don't have a good link 
> > specifically for plink..
> >
> >
> It says "PuTTY is a client program for the SSH, Telnet and Rlogin 
> network protocols". I don't get it. In Cygwin you have all of ssh, 
> telnet and rlogin/rsh. That being the case why install/use putty or plink?

A cygwin expect script combined with the cygwin ssh client will do
the same thing.  Honestly I (wrongly) thought the plink example
was going to be easier to follow - sorry.

plink allows you to place the password on the commandline - I know that
is a security issue, but in the real world case, at least I de-crypt
the password and programatically create the plink command line, so I
have no clear text passwords in a script. The reason for sshing to the
localhost (via plink or expect) with *password* authentication, is so
the process running the cron job has full rights to network drives etc.
I could avoid the ssh to localhost, by mapping drives inside yet another
cron wrapper script, but I fear I'll discover other rights the process
won't have, that I have yet to learn about.

> BTW, you're probably is probably the same if you used ssh in Cygwin - 
> once you remote login Unix based tools such as ssh (and probably putty 
> and plink) use ptys which Windows console programs don't understand, and 
> often stdout is lost. If you want that one fixed you'll have to talk to 
> Mr. Gates.

Did you notice that the problem I posted is *not* a problem, in the
earlier cygwin snapshot? It is not a problem for the very old version of
cygwin that I'm trying to upgrade either.


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