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Re: File permissions and ownership changes between Unix and Cygwin


--- Brian Dessent <> wrote:

> surendar jeyadev wrote:

> As far as I understand it, the basic ISO9660 format
> does not have any
> fields to store file attributes such as owner or
> permissions.  So on
> mounting such a disc, Windows and/or Cygwin will
> have to synthesize
> these fields, which is probably why they are not set
> as you want.

Ah! Never thought about the basic format .....

> To enable storing of these attributes you need to
> use the Rock Ridge
> extension.  When creating your image you will have
> to make sure that you
> enable these extensions (-R, -r, etc.)  Although

I always, even on an Unix box, use the -R -J options
when running mkisofs. The problem I mentioned occured
with these options. But (as you say below) I need to
explore the -r option, which I have not used so far.

> from the man page it
> looks like the author may be somewhat biased against
> win32:

Ah!! That is putting it mildly. Very mildly. (But then
again I am probably in that camp .... though,
not so extreme).

> When used on Win32, the
> execute bit is set on
>               all files. This is a result of the
> lack of file  permis-
>               sions  on  Win32  and  the Cygwin
> POSIX emulation layer.
>               See  also   -uid   -gid,   -dir-mode, 
>  -file-mode   and
>               -new-dir-mode.

I think that my answers will lie in these other
I have not bothered with them so far.

> I'm not sure what "This is a result of the lack of
> file permissions on 
> Win32 and the Cygwin POSIX emulation layer" but it
> seems like some
> pretty thick ignorance, since that's the entire
> point of Cygwin.

I will leave you to spar with Joerg! I have my scars!!

> You should post your question on the cdrtools list
> or forum, since this
> is not a cygwin package.

I will try to find one .... Don't think that one

Thanks for the quick response.


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