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Re: Where is patch?

Brian Dessent wrote:

I am not sure I understand what you mean. What is the "requires" line?

It is in the setup.ini file (which is generated from the individual setup.hint files), which are not directly seen by the user but parsed by setup.exe.

Where is it? Should binutils have been dowloaded automatically when I
downloaded gcc-core?

Yes, whenever you select a package for installation it should also
select for installation all packages that that package requires.

Thanks for the good explanation.

Ah, that might explain it. Setup is not all that great about error
recovery. Fortunately you can work around this by just running it again
if anything abnormal happens. Every time you run setup it will first
add any packages that are not installed but listed as a requirement by
packages that are installed. So if you just run it, and don't select
anything, then you should get any missing dependencies downloaded and

I believe I did that without opening anything in the selection tree first, but I am not totally sure. Is it necessary to open a node in the tree for the process to continue?

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