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Re: Where is patch?

Lennart Borgman wrote:

Dave Korn wrote:

And the answer is that as is the GNU assembler, and it is part of the
binutils package, which lives under the 'Devel' category in setup.

Thanks for this! That trick is so handy in my opinion so it ought to be as a tip on the search page right under the search box!

After finishing the installation of gcc-core (which includes binutils as far as I understand) configure + make ran fine. I have now patch 2.5.9 compiled for Cygwin I believe. Or?

My intention was to look at the source code and see how it handles line endings. I do not know if that is realistic though. As I said before what I want it to do is:

1) Keep the line end style for the patched file.

2) Read the patch file and apply it even if it uses a different line end style.

This is simply what I expect of a text oriented tool. Comments and help are welcome! (But please no holy war on line end style. That is just improductive.)

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