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Re: Where is patch?

Brian Dessent wrote:

Lennart Borgman wrote:

Thanks! There is a hit, I did not have "as" from Cygwin. Changed my path
a bit. But how do I find "as"? I would get the package search as it is
now is of no big use for such a name? ;-)

Sigh. 'as' is part of binutils. It contains the assembler and linker
and you will not be able to do a thing with regards to compiling
anything until you have it.

Thanks Brian.

But more importantly, binutils is listed in the 'requires' line of
'gcc-core' which means it should have been selected when you chose gcc. So whatever you did to install gcc, you somehow managed to seriously do

I am not sure I understand what you mean. What is the "requires" line? Where is it? Should binutils have been dowloaded automatically when I downloaded gcc-core?

When I look under Devel in setup.exe the binaries for binutils are checked but without any download date. "which as" says "as" is not found. Can you tell me what I should have done? Did I do something wrong or is there perhaps a bug? Could it perhaps be because the downloader stalled? (Maybe because of slow download here.)

When I now clicked next, without checking any new pages the downloading did continue. I believed I started setup.exe and clicked continue before, but as far as I remember right now I dod not open Devel that time.

I think I can guess how this works now, but I am not quite sure and it is a bit confusing IMO.

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