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Re: CygWin + gcc to build Windows application written in C.

Piero Silvestri wrote:
Brain wrote:

-mno-cygwin essentially turns gcc into the gcc provided by
Read the docs/wiki/faq/etc at that site for more information.  Note that
when you use gcc -mno-cygwin your search paths will be modified so that
no Cygwin libraries/headers will be found, instead the mingw ones will
be searched (/usr/include/mingw, /usr/lib/mingw).  Essentially this is
just a shortcut for compiling with the mingw toolchain under Cygwin - do
not get confused and think that this somehow lets you use Cygwin library
functions in any shape or form.  If you use mingw or -mno-cygwin, you
are essentially programming directly at the win32 API and the MSVCRT,
you have no unix emulation at all other than what is provided by the
microsoft C library.

Thanks Brian, now -mwindows is clear to me, and the strange linker problem has gone, but I have one more question on -mno-cygwin option. When I installed the latest release of Cygwin I found gcc 3.4.4 in its packages, which I installed as well; and if I use it with the -mno-cygwin option when compiling everything's allright.

But then I downloaded the gcc 4.0.2 sources, which I compiled in Cygwin with the old gcc provided, so now I have a second version of gcc currently working. The problem is that this version has some problem with the -mno-cygwin option; if I use it when compiling I get the error message: "gcc: installation problem, cannot exec 'cc1': No such file or directory". Do you think that this is a CygWin's configuration problem or a gcc one?

-mno-cygwin is supported by "cygwin-special" patches to standard gcc. This is among the obstacles to keeping cygwin up to date with respect to gcc. mingw appears more difficult to support anyway, judging by the results (rarely) posted to gcc-testsuites.
gcc-4.x use mpfr; it's not clear to me how it can be installed from the cygwin setup, but the "upstream" version works "out of the box."
Going further on, more recent gfortran and libstdc++ versions employ __builtin_pow, and that is failing for my installation. I suppose I'll have to search for a work-around.
Recent versions of libstdc++ build only with -k ("ignore errors"). That problem is not entirely limited to cygwin. It seems to be a more strict parsing of headers.

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