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Re: CygWin + gcc to build Windows application written in C.

Piero Silvestri wrote:

> But then I downloaded the gcc 4.0.2 sources, which I compiled in Cygwin with
> the old gcc provided, so now I have a second version of gcc currently
> working. The problem is that this version has some problem with
> the -mno-cygwin option; if I use it when compiling I get the error message:
> "gcc: installation problem, cannot exec 'cc1': No such file or directory".
> Do you think that this is a CygWin's configuration problem or a gcc one?

In order for -mno-cygwin to work you essentially have to build gcc twice
(with --target=i686-pc-cygwin and then again with
--target=i686-pc-mingw32) and install them to the same tree.  That's why
it complains about not being able to find cc1.  If you're not using
--enable-version-specific-runtime-libs that will probably also be
required.  And I wouldn't be surprised if you had to do some patching of
the specs file in order to get it fully working.  This option is more of
a Cygwin-specific patch, I am not sure whether it is fully supported by
the upstream FSF sources.

To get an idea how it works, look at the current gcc specs file and
layout of the gcc and gcc-mingw packages, and their source tarballs.

But I don't understand why you're building a cygwin targeted gcc
yourself if you intend to always run in mingw mode - just build a mingw
gcc if that's what you want.


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