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CygWin + gcc to build Windows application written in C.

Hi all,

I'm a software developer and I'm working on an application entirely written in C, that's been built with Watcom compiler until now, and whose only target was Windows (NT/2000/XP). I need to port it to Linux and some other Unix-like OS, so I decided to go for Qt, a multiplatform library that seems good for my needs. This choice forced me to change my compiler, so I decided to use gcc.

Therefore my goal at the moment is to build my application with gcc, and make it run on a Windows OS; the next step will be to use Qt for removing all the OS dependencies and then to switch on Linux. So I downloaded and installed the latest version of Cygwin to have a shell from which to run gcc (I'm working on a PC whose only OS is Windows 2000 Professional), but I'm a little confused about some point...

- I'm looking for some documentation about -mno-cygwin and -mwindows options, which I can't find neither in the gcc on-line manual, nor in the gcc man pages, nor in the CygWin manual. Where they come from? Using the first makes the compiler complain about a missing crt2.o (?), the last seems to be ignored.
- I have a mysterious linker error (undefined reference to __imp___iob); I searched the web and found some hints about using MinGW under Cygwin, but nothing clear or certain; above all, only questions but not answers...

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance,
Piero Silvestri.

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