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setup.exe - un-attended installation support


I support an internal development group and I need to have a number of 
people install and use cygwin.

I've had more then a few problems with "Human Factors Problems"
        - Missed packages that should have been installed but where not...
        - Wrong versions installed
        - Newer versions - that caused problems... [I have not fixed yet]
        - Package not present on the mirror they choose
        - Mirror they choose is not reachable right now for some reason

In a perfect world this is what I'd like to have:

        some 'un-attended install process' 

        a simple text file listing the packages & versions to install.
                I want to specify the packages - not them.

        a CDROM or DVD with the packages already present.

I would then run "SETUP.EXE" program with options that says:

        The list of packages to install is on the CDROM.
        The packages are on the CDROM located in drive X
        Install CYGWIN in directory Y.

I've download the SETUP.EXE source codes... and looking through it,
I don't see an command line option that would let me do that. {Hmm, seems
the two options that exist, -h and -q don't seem to do anything anyway}

Any suggestions?


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