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Re: RES: Before Firewall

Removed top-posting antics.

Alexandre Pereira - Tracker Solutions wrote:

Larry Hall wrote : You'd be better off stating the problem that you're having directly than hinting at it. I can say that if >>you've set up a proxy on Windows for the likes of IE, then you will likely want to use the IE settings option in 'setup.exe' (available at to install all the Cygwin packages you want. Beyond that, you may need to configure certain apps that require Internet access similarly. You can see the documentation (man, info, /usr/share/doc[/Cygwin]) of specific apps you're interested in to learn how to set them up. Overall, it should be no different than setting them up with Slackware in the same network environment.

I'm sorry Larry Hall
I have some problem with English .
My ploblem is I could install the Cygwin . When I was installing it I set "Use IE5 Setting" up.
But after the installation for example I want use the links with
the command in the Xterm :
$links The links return for me :
The page cannot be displayed
" There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach
"And it cannot be displayed .
" ---------------------------------------------------------
"Please ...
"403 Forbidden - The ISA Server denies the specified Uniform "Resource Locator <URL>. <12202>
"Internet Security and Acceration Server "
I want to configure the Cygwin for access the internet but I
don't know how I can to make this .
I try to find out something in the Cygwin's documentation and
the but I could find out nothing . I guess to reach help
in this mailing list .
Alexandre Pereira

Each application needs to be made aware of the proxy. At present, I believe I am correct in saying that *nix lacks a centralised method of configuring the system for a proxy (squid in transparent mode with an upstream proxy is the easiest way, but goes way beyond the scope of this ML and almost certainly isn't an option here).

Anyway, to get links configured, run links, press ESC, use the right arrow key to select Setup, press down until Network Options is selected and press Enter.
You should find it relatively simple from there. Be aware that links doesn't seem to support authenticating, so if you need to authenticate with the proxy you're SOL.

Chris --

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